Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RIP-Myron Cope

It's a sad day in Steeler-land at the news of the passing of long-time radio broadcaster Myron Cope. Myron is a legend for any Steeler fan born after 1971 when he shared his first Steeler game with HOF QB Terry Bradshaw in the newly opened Three Rivers Stadium. Myron was a well known sports writer before heading to the radio booth- with articles regularly appearing in Sports Illustrated. Cope also coined the "Immaculate Reception" and created the Terrible Towel. Cope was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame a few years ago.

I grew up listening to many Steeler games on the radio. We often visited my grandmother on Sundays as a family, so we listened to the game on the way home. Anyone who has listened to Cope will never forget his voice. When I was younger, I often didn't quite understand what he was saying. While I don't think that my dad enjoyed listening to Cope, but I thought he was great.

So in honor of Cope and his contribution to the sporting world, we should all lift our glasses and give a "Double Yoi!" for this distinguished voice of Steeler lore.

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