Thursday, February 21, 2008

CD's/Artist That Impacted My Life (Pt. 2)

So it's time for part 2 of my blog series on CD's/Artist that made an impact on my life. We're still not out of the cheesey period that was 80's/90's Christian Music. And yeah, some of this is cheesey, but it helped me stay focused on my faith while. So, here we go...

DeGarmo and Key-
The Pledge (1989)
I've gone through a couple websites with discography information on D&K and I still think The Pledge was my favorite. They definately fit the 80's mold of synth rock. They got a little heavier on guitar as the 90's rolled in. The Pledge was a perfect mix. Boycott Hell was one of my favorite songs growing up and listening to this tape. D&K had their video, "Six, Six, Six" on MTV back when MTV still played videos (Mid-1980's). Rumor has it the video was removed (which it was) because it was too violent. Most likely, the folks at MTV realized that D&K was a Christian band. Here is their video for Six, Six, Six:

Yeah, that video looks pretty dated. Classic though.

The thing that stands out to me for the album The the title song. As a young Christian, I was challenged by the chorus which stated, "He died for me. I'll live for Him." Very simple, but it was an easy way for me to keep focused on Christ in what I did.

I saw Degarmo and Key at least once in conert. I believe it was for their "Heat It Up" Tour. I know that I had all of their tapes that came after The Pledge, which is why they show up here in the series.

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that's great!!!! I miss those days!