Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat

Just a quick thought to start off with...iPods are really awesome. Ok, so I know that I am behind the curve, but I love mine!

Church went pretty well on Sunday. There was a real sweet spirit during worship (the singing part of worship, anyway). I think if there is a prayer of mine for worship, it is that I would be free to express my love of God. If it meant to jump, then I'd jump, to cry out..then I would cry out. Along with that, I pray that those in the congregation would begin to be free to worship and express their hearts to God.

The weekend was good. Mom and Dad came down for the award banquet on Saturday night. Andrea and I got to hang out on Friday night, which was much needed. We have both been so busy. It will be really nice when she is done with graduate school...of course I will probably start then!

Andrea is supposed to hear back from a Elementary school today about a job. It would be a real blessing if she was hired. But we also know that God has already provided for us.

Tonight is Halloween. It will be fun because we'll have around 150 kids come to our house in our neighborhood. Alot of people from church stop by to let us see their kids costumes. It will be fun!

Steelers and Ravens tonight...Steve's fearless prediction....Steelers 24 Ravens 10

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