Thursday, November 03, 2005

Beautiful Morning to Skip Work...

It is a beautiful day today...I don't feel like staying in the office today, but as always, there is work to get done. But at least I will be outside later to see some of our middle school students play football.

Just a catch up on the photo...that is me making my pilgramage journey to the mecca of football, Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, on this ill-fated visit, Tommy Maddox threw the game away.

I am preparing a sermon series for advent with it's roots in C.S. Lewis book, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Pretty cliche since the movie is getting ready to come out, but I have always loved the book. I have recently re-read the book (as well as the whole series) and it just fascinates me to see the spiritual metaphors and images that are used in the book. Of course, I knew it was retelling the story of Jesus and our faith, but I had never read it with these open eyes.

Here is the tentative low-down for the four week message:

Week One: Eating Some Turkish Delight: When What We're Consumed With Leaves
Us Empty and Unsatisfied.

Week Two: Always Winter and Never Christmas: Bring Life to a lifeless world.

Week Three: Is He Safe? (Following a God of Danger, Adventure, and Justice)

Week Four: ***Not Quite Sure Yet***

Christmas Eve: Long Live The King! (Celebrating the Birth of The King)

Have any suggestions? Leave a comment. Otherwise, I am out.


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