Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catching Up....

Can I say how excited that I am that the semester is over? No more seminary for four months. This year was especially tough because I took class all January (while living apart from my family) and only had a 10 day break with no seminary work. I am looking forward for the break. This also means I'll be writing more often. I would like to write at least twice a week this summer. But we'll see how it goes. In typical LaMotte fashion, we are incredibly busy this summer. We only have one free weekend between now and August. One. I need to have a word with the person who does the scheduling.

  • The Grounds (our college age ministry) starts up next week. We're watching a movie each week and doing some Bible study around themes found in the movies. Should be pretty cool!
  • I purchased Jars of Clay's new CD The Long Fall Back to Earth...it is excellent. I will be doing a longer review, maybe later this week.
  • The Pirates suck.
  • Did I mention the semester is over?

Be sure to check back often!

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Faith and Amy said...

Ummm...you just figured that out about the Pirates? :) Come to the good side...come to the Phillies side. We suck less.