Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wishing for the Wave

Have you ever watched bikers when they pass each other on the road? They almost always exchange a wave. There are several variations to the wave. The most prominant that I have seen is down low (like you were signalling a left turn or something). While there may be some tough biker types who fail to wave at other bikers (or certain bikers), it seems that many do. It's created a motorcycle community feel to share that wave. Even You Tube has a video(s) about the motorcycle wave.

I'm jealous.

I drive a 1999 Ford Escort. When another Ford Escort passes me on the road, no one waves at me. Where is the community, the fraternity, the family of Escort drivers. I mean, there is even an identical blue 1999 Escort in Milford. They never wave. Wouldn't our world be a better place if we had more of a community feel?

  • The other day, I saw a guy on a Harley wave to someone on a scooter in front of me. Come on! It was a scooter, not a hog!

  • Even School Bus drivers get in on the action with a friendly wave to each other.

  • Owners of Jeeps know that the rest of us just would understand because it's a Jeep Thing. Now that's brotherhood.

So, for the sake of community- to make this world a better place; I am proposing that all owners of crappy cars begin saluting each other so that others can be envious of our community. The wave should look like this:

1 comment:

Joni&Ron said...

haha - i like the new wave!

yeah...I always laugh at the "tough" bikers that are "too good" to throw a wave out at passing motorcycles. Like you're so much better! Sheesh!

I think all of us in CARS should start waving at the BIKES! :) Course, then we may have more bike wrecks.....