Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Midway At Delanco

It's Wednesday morning and I am sitting at at Dunkin Donuts in Medford, NJ...near Delanco Camp where I am speaking this morning. My coffee-like drink is not very good and my computer battery is going to fail soon. I wish Starbucks had free internet so I didn't have to be at Double D.

I am at Delanco Camp, where Andrea grew up attending camp, speaking at Junior High I. This is my second year speaking here. The group of students this year are different from last year. Last year, there were several confident, outgoing students who really set the pace for the week. This year is a more non-descript group and I feel like I am having trouble connecting with them, although people tell me otherwise.

The theme this year is Set-Apart. I have been using 1 Peter 1:13-16 as the basis of my talks on leading a Set-Apart life. It's challenging to communicate to a middle school student the need to be set apart through their faith rather than blending into the crowd. It is so much easier to blend in with what is going on around us. Tonight, I am speaking on holiness, specifically God's call for us to live a life that reflects His Holiness. I am pretty set for tonight. I need to work on Thursday and Friday.

It has been hot at camp this year. (isn't that camp though?) I've been helping to lead worship this year, and I sweat through everything before I even get a chance to speak. It's crazy! It rained some over night, so hopefully it will cool things off some.

My battery is about to die. I will be writing more about camp at the end of the week.

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