Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Working On...

I'm pressing on through a blah Tuesday. I'm tired (Thanks Abbie). My legs are tired (Thanks age and basketball). I'm cold (Thanks winter).

I have really done any worship evaluation lately. I'm not really going to do one today...just a general one from Sunday. Overall I would give the worship time a 7-8.5 out of ten. It was a moving time. The message was clear and there was a great response time. The music fit the theme and offered the people the opportunity to express their hearts. In hindsight, I would have changed the arrangement of the last song a little bit. It ended, well, awkwardly.

I am preaching on Sunday. I actually have a decent start on the message as far as study goes. I may try to start writing tomorrow. I am going to run with an idea that I have been cooking for awhile. So we'll see how it will go.

I spent some time with a member of our congregation today. He helped me out around the church and then we went to lunch. Despite a lot of negative things that have happened in his life, he has a strong faith and a desire to give back to God and the Church. Refreshing to hear in our consumer-church mentality that exisit today.

I will be writing more tomorrow about the upcoming sermon. It will help me get ready.

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