Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Still in disbelief

I talked with my friend today who lives near Lititz, where David shot his girlfriend's parents. We are both involved in Youth Ministry and kinda in shock by the whole thing. Some of the questions we have are; What was going through his head? What role did Kara play (hopefully, a bystander)? I think it is her story that i really want to hear as this story develops.

I sometimes look over the students in my ministry and wonder what will become of them. Like the two in Lititz, our students are all-american kids. But once in a while you hear whispers of some of the things they do and it makes you wonder what they are thinking.

Lititz, and those invovled, you are in my prayers.

Today was a good day. Nothing exciting this week. I need to finish up some stuff for the November 27th getting ahold of our college students. Until later, many blessings.

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