Monday, June 06, 2011

Blue Like Jazz: The Movie

I'm pretty intrigue to see the Blue Like Jazz movie. I loved the book.  The trailer hasn't done anything to change that.  What do you think? Are you excited to see Blue Like Jazz: The Movie or not?  Do you think Steve Taylor can direct the movie in such a way that appeals to people outside of the TBN/Christian Movie crowd?


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see the film, so much so that I was one of the 4,000+ fans who gave money and will be credited as an Associate Producer. I wouldn't have given a dime to make this movie if anyone other than Steve Taylor was behind the project.
Let's be honest, there aren't that many well-made "Christian" films out there. But I feel sure that Steve Taylor can surprise us. He's not afraid to be different. I trust his creative judgment and cinematic expertise.

Seeing the trailer, however, I'm a little worried. The trailer doesn't seem to be one that would appeal to those outside the "Christian" bubble. It also doesn't seem to give you a good idea as to what you're really going to see. The quality wasn't the best either. I was a little concerned when I learned that the movie would be shot in digital instead of film. I knew Ben Pearson has done some excellent work, but most of that was film. Film has a certain look that adds flavor to movies. But I soon read up on the RED cameras that were being used and discovered that digital cinema cameras have come a long way in the last couple of years. I'm hoping that there are still some color processing/ editing to do, as some of the scenes, such as the one with the hobo at the camp ground, seem to have a low contrast and a little grain. I realize they're on a low budget, but I expect the best from Steve Taylor. I have faith that if he's making a movie, he's going to do it right. I don't think he'll let me down.

Steve and Andrea LaMotte said...

Thanks for your post! I hoping for it to be a great movie. I too would not even give it the time of day if it was directed by someone other than Steve Taylor. It will be good if it comes off with a genuine indie movie vibe...Thanks again for your comments!