Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Leadership Lessons From Shark Week- Pt. 2

In yesterday's post, I spoke a little about how a shark cannot swim backwards- they can only go forward- or where their eyes are looking.  This brings up the great question for your church, business, and personal life of, "Where are you looking?"  Where is your focus, because you may be moving forward- but if your not looking at the right object you could still be heading in the wrong direction.

It comes down to vision.

What is the vision of your church?  Vision helps the church (and the people of make up the church) know where we are looking.  If we are called to be a church that serves the poor, we may not be looking at starting a Christian school because it may conflict with our vision (But if you believe it works- go for it!).  Or you may be called as a church to reach out to the unchurched, unmarried young adults in your community.  Knowing your calling, or having vision, makes it easier to move forward as a church.  It makes it more unlikely that you'll be pull in multiple directions.

The question, "Where are you looking" should hopefully be answered with "Jesus."  That sounds rather simplistic, but there are plenty of times when churches and individuals do have their eyes focused on Jesus.  With Jesus in our sights, the body can become a movement as we seek to share the love and grace of God in our communities.

Keep moving forward with your eyes on Jesus!

What is your church's vision?  Who are you called to?  How does that vision keep your leadership focused?

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