Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Autistic Teen Has Perfect Sweet 16 Bracket

I will not spend a lot of time with this, but as a fan of college basketball and someone who fills out a bracket every year, this simply amazes me- especially with all the upsets there have been in this year's Men's Tournament.  Alex Herrmann has correctly picked all the upsets in the CBS Bracket Challenge he filled out.  He picked Norther Iowa over #1 Kansas.  He picked Ohio over Georgetown!  To put this in perspective, ESPN had 4 or 5 million people fill out a bracket on their bracket challenge.  After day 1 of the tourney only 64 people had a perfect bracket. After day 2, no one had a perfect bracket. 

Alex Herrmann's dowfall with his bracket is that he has Purdue winning the championship.  While I'm rooting for UK- it would be incredible if he was able to keep his perfect bracket!

Read here for more of the story!

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