Monday, December 21, 2009

A Few Random Links

It's the Christmas week rush, which means that there is a lot going on as we prepare for four Christmas Eve services and three more services on Sunday.  It's doubful that I'll get to write anything of substance this week, but I may try later on.  I wanted to pass a long a few articles to you for your reading enjoyment.

1.  Tiger Tales:  I've not written anything about Tiger Woods and the situation that he has put himself in.  We certainly don't need another person popping off about it.  But I want to suggest that you read Eric Park's entry about the whole ordeal.  It's certainly on point and written entirely better than I could have done!  You can read the entry here.  Also worth a read is Ben Witherington's blog on Tiger as well. 

2.  Christmas Is Here:  That means there are plenty of blogs to read and check out!  Start out with Ben Witherington's blog about the Christmas story (he's not paying me any money to link up!).  He's helping us re-think Christmas from our scene to what like happened.

3.  Just for Fun:  Check out .  Nick and I went to the same college and played baseball together.  His photos are great and his blog is humorous and filled with great pictures. 

That's about it for now.  Sometime over the holidays will come a real update!

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