Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's Potty Time!

For a month or 2 now, Abbie has been really interested in the potty. In fact, she loves sitting on the potty. So when she wants up on the potty, we let her get up there...hoping she'll go potty and we can have a potty party! As we look towards potty training when Andrea gets out of school in a week- we are encouraged by Abbie's interest in the potty. So, here are two snapshots of Abbie on the potty...and yes, we're saving them for her Senior Yearbook!

Abbie picked up the latest edition of Newsweek on her own while she was sitting on the potty. She is one well-informed youngster!

Unlike some babies, Abbie likes to read about current affairs and foreign politics (Iranian president on the cover). This is certainly better than reading US Weekly or some other celebrity rag about the latest Jon & Kate mess or the latest on Brittany Spears.

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Joni said...

haha - cute pictures...and yes....senior yearbook. :)