Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Wal-Mart Blessing...

On Friday, I experienced a true blessing from Wal-Mart...I truly got more than I paid for. I was finishing painting our addition and I needed a couple more items to complete the project. I purchased some edging pads which come with two in each package. I was quite surprised when I got home and saw three edging pads in the package! Score!

Abbie's newest thing this weekend is telling us she needs to go potty and then walking to the bathroom! Andrea let her sit on the potty today to see if she would go. She didn't, but it's the first step in potty training! And she's initiating it!

Tonight, Andrea and I are heading to Outback for a date night. It's been a busy past three months. We figured out that today was my first Saturday at home with no meetings, school, praise team since the beginning of December. Far too long.
Below is a picture of Abbie from a recent Spaghetti night.


Joni said...

Yay for little's the little things!

Good job Abbie!!!! Before long she'll be trained!

I LOVE the spaghetti picture...

We miss you guys!!!

Faith and Amy said...

Sweet!! Gotta love the potty! :)