Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Don't Think I'm Going to Burger King

While many people will read this title and agree with it, for the most part, I have always been a Burger King fan. BK ranked higher than McDonald's for me. I even worked at the BK for a semester in college, and after a brief hiatus, was able to eat their burgers again. I was even able to withstand the creepiest fast food mascot of them all. But this may be the last straw...a BK employee was filmed taking a bath in the sinks that wash all the dishes.

Read the story here. Use the comments and let me know if you'll continue eating at Burger King.


Matt Ralph said...

I used to like BK's Italian chicken sandwiches back in the day but I pretty much gave up fast food years ago.

My dad absolutely hates Burger King though. He calls it choke and puke.

Joni&Ron said...

I really dont' know....it's just one of those things...if you think about what goes on at a restaurant and such...you'll never want to eat out and better live on a farm...I honeslty don't know..but that's pretty nasty! Loking at him makes me sick though!