Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Several weeks ago, I preached at our church on what it means to really live as Gdo desires us to. Part of my sermon was a list of things that I hope to accomplish before I die. Some of those things included:
  • doing ministry on all the continents (except Antarctica)
  • Adopting a child
  • Visiting all the Major League Ballparks
  • Go skydiving for my 30th birthday

Sometimes, you have to be careful what you ask for. Yesterday in the mail, I received a note from one of our congregation members with an encouraging note regarding this sermon. Included in that note was a check to cover the cost of skydiving at a local organization that does that sort of things. Two things went through me head...

  • Sweet! I am going skydiving for my 30th birthday!
  • Crap! I am going skydiving for my 30th birthday!

I have to admit that I am really excited about doing this. I am also really nervous. I definately plan on having the video/pictures done because that would just be awesome to have. I am speaking at a camp this summer, and maybe I will strive to do it before camp to use the video there.

Finally, Andrea just finished and signed our wills and established a trust for at least I am ready! Geranimo!

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