Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why Peyton Manning Would Make A Good Youth Pastor

I've been thinking about this today, while I don't know his faith, I think Peyton Manning would make a great youth pastor. There are several reasons.

1. He's an innovative communicator: Have you ever seen Peyton communicate at the line of scrimmage. He barks out commands at the line and uses a lot of body language to communicate to his team so they are all on the same page. Can you imaging Peyton on a Sunday evening Youth meeting...his plan is to preach from the Gospel of Matthew, but then audibling to the Gospel of Luke so the projection team and other support can follow.

2. He's a Great Mentor to Kids: Check out the clip from Saturday Night Live of Peyton Mentoring kids through the United Way. I can see him TPing a house now!

3. Peyton Knows the Strength of Three: I think Peyton would start some accountability in groups of three to correspond with Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark. This model would encourage students to be involved in accountability groups.

4. He wears a suit: Peyton would win over the more seasoned members of the church because he shows up to work in a suit. Wallets would open and money would flow into the ministry because of the suit's effect on the seasoned members of the church who believe that Jesus wore a suit.


B.J. and Rachel Whitaker said...

I want to be a youth pastor like him someday! Yeah, the guitar that gal is playing in my pic is pretty sweet--they rocked out, though not as hard and loud as this summer at the work camp. It was a Sunday morning worship service at a Mennonite church, after all. Hope you're doing well!

Joni&Ron said...

I love the video!!! haha I think he'd be good....minus a few things but hey, no one's perfect right? :)